August 7th City Council Meeting

National Grid workers were gathered outside of City Hall.

I was surprised to see the City Councillors entering City Hall at 7:30 because there had been an Executive Session scheduled for 6:30, and those sessions seem to run long. Apparently the session had been cancelled?

The new City Clerk was at the podium.

Kristine Mackin did good by asking for more documents to become part of the edocket. Thanks!

Robert Logan did good by supporting the locked out National Grid workers. He mentioned “replacement workers” being used and “don’t feel comfortable” with them and that it is “a safety issue.” When renovations at 151 Crescent St. were discussed, R. Logan mentioned affordable housing and “hope there is no eviction.” That “don’t want to be a party to facilitate eviction.”

Bill Fowler also mentioned the “safety issue” but stopped before saying more because the “President going to hammer me.” I assume he meant D. LeBlanc and not $45.

K. McMenimen did good as well. She pointedly asked 151 Crescent St. if there were evictions and he said “not at this time” and she said something to the effect that the renovations had not been done yet. She also picked up on the fact that such address was on the Charles River and asked whether the Conservation Commission had been consulted. She also mentioned that the cheapest gas in Waltham is on Prospect St.

The Lexington St. flood situation is interesting to me. Would be interesting to go to Public Work Committee meeting to see how that situation got resolved.

The Mayor was called in to discuss the acquisition of property near Prospect Hill by the City. Great price $88k! I was surprised that real estate transaction could be discussed outside of Executive Session?

D. LeBlanc brought up safety in the Council Chambers, Hoover Room, and adjoining areas. The next COW in Sept. there will be an Executive Session where they discuss with Police and Fire Chiefs (or rep), Superintendent of Public Buildings, Law Dept. rep, and per request of George Darcy, head of Wire Dept.

What was flagrant to me was C. McMenimen having a hard time getting a straight answer as to who marked what “confidential” in regards to this. Was it the City Clerk? I found it fuzzy.

Hello world!

Wow, I’m excited to have this website up, yay! Thanks guy upstairs!

Mostly, I hope to blog about Waltham City Council and my personal take of their actions.

A disclaimer is that, with the exception of one…well maybe two CCs (City Councillors), I respect each one as a hard working person with integrity. This year has not been easy with siting the new high school and the hiring of the City Clerk. Still tbd is the new police and fire stations and the zoning for pot selling.

People may wonder why I care and that is because I really like the current Mayor and she is about to retire. Waltham is at a pivotal point and it matters who the next Mayor will be.